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The NCAA believes in and is committed to diversity, inclusion and gender equity among its student-athletes, coaches and administrators. They seek to establish and maintain an inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for student-athletes and career opportunities for coaches and administrators from diverse backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion improve the learning environment for all student-athletes and enhance excellence within the Association.


adidas global sports brand leader and lifestyle product manufacturer recently announced the She Breaks Barriers initiative as a continuation of its commitment to remove barriers in sport. This multi-faceted initiative is designed to inspire, enable and support the next generation of female athletes, creators and leaders. Recognizing that this isn’t an issue the brand can fix alone, adidas is inviting fans, organizations and athletes to join the movement and co-create solutions together. For more details visit www.adidas.com/us/shebreaksbarriers. 

NSF International

In 2019, NSF International is celebrating 75 years of protecting and improving human health. The independent, global organization facilitates standards development, and tests and certifies products for the food, water, health sciences, sustainability and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. MLB, NHL, and CFL clubs are permitted to provide and recommend only products that are NSF Certified for Sport®. NSF Certified for Sport® is also recommended by the NFL, PGA and the LPGA, and many other sport organizations.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley advises, originates, trades, manages and distributse capital for governments, institutions and individuals, and always with a standard of excellence. They help individuals reach their long-term financial goals and are committed to a corporate culture that is open and inclusive is fundamental to our role as a global leader constantly striving for excellence in all that they do.

Nutrition by Corvis

At Nutrition by Corvis, a sports-nutrition company comprised of former collegiate athletes and coaches, we deliver fresh, nutritious meals prepared specifically for individual athletes. Corvis has developed a proprietary algorithm that adjusts the meal specifications for each athlete based on their sport, position, gender, height, weight, and age. Our meals contain a unique quantity and ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Our meals are broken into categories based on the number of hours before or after a competition, and are produced to optimize performance and recovery. Choose to be as vigilant about your nutritional choices as you are about the game plan. Choose Nutrition by Corvis.


When you need legal guidance and advice, we are your partners. CCHA’s team of experienced and trusted legal advisors is committed to providing innovative and practical solutions. You can rest easy knowing someone is working to protect and defend your best interests. CCHA offers a full range of legal services to ensure that you always have someone to rely on when faced with life’s surprises, CCHA’s services include labor and employment practice as it relates to coaches entering, advancing in and exiting the profession.