Miami University
April 2, 2019
Oxford, OH
Job Type


To assist the head volleyball coach in the administration and operation of the Volleyball Program consistent with the policies of Miami University, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and other appropriate governing bodies, i.e., Mid-American Conference.

Duties/Physical Demands:
  1. Participation in the administration of the Volleyball Program:
  • Manage and train individual and team defense, passing and assist in other areas of training and practices within the Miami system as designated by the head coach.
  • Scout all opponents, prepare defensive strategies for matches along with detailed scouting reports for the program.  Organize student managers and staff to help with the timely process while utilizing the Volleymetrics system.
  • Master and efficiently utilize available software as related to recruiting and compliance (University Athlete, Jump Forward).
  • Manage the on-line film exchange within conference rules and deadlnes utilizing the preferred Conference system, while teaching student managers how to effectively assist in this weekly process.
  • Assist in the development of practice plans with the head coach, conducting on-court skills training, including defense, passing, block strategies and assisting with block training, along with other areas as designated by the head coach.
  • Gain a working knowledge to manage, as requested, the NCAA CARA Logs for monthly, weekly and daily student-athlete activity hours, as well as official visits.
  • Assist the Recruiting Coordinator as needed to prepare for recruiting weekends
  • Take the lead in the recruitment and assessment of male student-athletes on the Miami men’s club team to participate in fall and spring practice sessions.  Also, assist the head coach in recruiting interested graduate assistants and student managers who desire to be involved with the volleyball operation.
  • Assist with work related to camp preparation and administration, program marketing, equipment services, communications, alumnae outreach, and other important areas as requested by the head coach.

2. Assist the head coach in conducting the Volleyball Program in accordance with all NCAA rules, including attendance at compliance meetings, appropriate record keeping for competitions, practice sessions and recruiting, successfully completing the annual NCAA certification test, and assisting in the education of student-athletes about NCAA rules.

3. Participate in department activities, including service on committees and attendance at all scheduled meetings.

4. Participate in other duties assigned by the athletic administration and head coach.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree with coaching experience at the college level, working knowledge of NCAA rules, solid writing and interpersonal skills, possess solid knowledge of the technical and tactical aspects of the game of volleyball and applicable knowledge in computerized film editing, scouting and evaluation.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master Degree, Assistant for a Division I Program, a full understanding of the rules and policies of the NCAA, applicable knowledge in Volleymetrics, scouting and evaluation, with experience in college recruitment of high school prospects and experience with DataVolley.