NCAA Women Coaches Academy

“The NCAA Women’s Coaches Academy has had a tremendous impact on my life both personally and professionally. Throughout my career, I have been looking for strong female mentors and role models to look up to, and the WCA has finally given me what I have been searching for and missing. The time I spent at the WCA gave me a chance to connect and learn from some amazing women that I have made life-long friendships with. The Academy and WeCOACH have helped me realize I am not alone and will always have a support system to help me through the ups and downs of navigating the coaching world as a female.”

Olga Elkin, Associate Head Women’s Tennis Coach, Iowa State University
NCAA WCA Class #41 (2017), WeCOACH Member

“After attending the Women Coaches Academy in Denver, I felt empowered and inspired to continue the struggle of juggling coaching and being a parent of school-aged twins. My WCA experience reversed my thinking from “what” and “how” to simply thinking about “why” I do what I do. This allows me to stay focused on my goals and the real reason I have chosen to remain in the profession. My “WHY” is worth the struggle as I can continue to impact the lives of the next generation of athletic coaches and administrators.

What a confidence builder! It was so invigorating to listen and interact with peers who have had similar personal and professional experiences or challenges, no matter the sport during the WCA.  Attending the WCA is another way to grow your professional network. However, for me it has grown into many cherished relationships both personally and professionally. Just knowing that I have unconditional support at “my fingertips” is so comforting.”

Beverly Lockett, Former Assistant Basketball Coach, Delaware State University
NCAA WCA Class #42 (2017), WeCOACH Member
photo_LeanneBaker“After attending the Women Coaches Academy in Denver, I finally feel right about coaching. For years I had been questioning if I should hang up my bat and get a “real” job. After the Academy I realized I have a real job. The women at the Academy helped inspire me to stay in this profession. We all shared our stories, laughs and tears together and it has truly empowered me. I can finally say with confidence: I am a coach.

Without a doubt, I am now a member of WeCOACH because it helps me stay connected with all of the women I have met in sport.”

Leanne Baker, Head Softball Coach, Mercyhurst University
NCAA WCA Class of 2012, WeCOACH Member
photo_JulieShaw“The NCAA Women Coaches Academy was one of the most enlightening, educational and inspirational programs I have been privileged to be a part of. Being a part of the WCA and WeCOACH gives me a sense of belonging and support that is an important component to my career in athletics. It was truly an eye-opening experience that has motivated me to be a better coach and person every day.

Even more so, it has provided me with the network and tools to not feel alone in the process of achieving my goals. I am encouraging every female coach I know to join WeCOACH!”

Julie Shaw, Head Basketball Coach, University of La Verne
NCAA WCA Class of 2012, WeCOACH Member