Episode 1: Adia Barnes, University of Arizona: How Becoming a Mother Made Her a Better Leader

In this episode, you’re taken off the court and into the mind of a coach—one who’s also a mother to two. Coach Barnes and About Time host Marke Freeman share an hour-long conversation discussing topics you don’t hear enough about, like why we need to normalize motherhood in the industry and why being vulnerable has helped others coming up behind her. No topic is off the table—including pregnancies, miscarriages and breastfeeding. It’s about time.

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Episode 2: Dr. Jen Welter, Grrridiron Girls: Shifting the Culture of What Girls Can Do

In episode two of the About Time podcast, you’ll hear from the trailblazer herself as she describes her mindset around America’s game, and how we can use it to shift the culture of what people see as possible for girls and women. Coach Welter explains the most important trait of a coach (surprise: it’s empathy), and shares lessons from her Ph.D in sports psychology (like the importance of an inclusive team culture).

Above all, you’ll walk away knowing how important it is to hold open doors for the future leaders coming behind you. It’s about time.

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Episode 3: Jenny Nguyen, The Sports Bra: Helping Women’s Sports Be Seen

Self-proclaimed lifetime sports fan Jenny Nguyen was known as “Jenny the basketball player” growing up. And even though an injury ended her college career, she never forgot her love of the game or the lessons it taught her. In fact, if not for the confidence she gained on the court, or the injury that gave her time to look beyond basketball, she might never have been so successful in her other passion: the culinary arts. 

Owner of the first-of-its-kind Sports Bra, a bar and restaurant that features only women’s sports on its TVs, Jenny Nguyen is our guest on the third About Time episode. Her business motto is “we support women,” and it doesn’t end at what’s playing on the TVs. That motto comes through in what beverage and food providers they choose, what they put on the menu, even their clientele. It’s all ages until 10 p.m. because she knows the impact of giving young people a chance to see women’s sports being broadcasted.

Nguyen has created a place that feels like home for all types of people, a place that celebrates women’s sports. It’s about time.

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Episode 4: Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi, Moving the Needle on the Number of Women in Coaching

Tennis coach turned scholar, coach educator and director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi is a true champion for women coaches. Her research on the key challenges women coaches face is moving the needle in the right direction. The data proves it—this past year’s Women in College Coaching Report Card (a joint project between the Tucker Center and WeCOACH) shows the greatest increase in the percentage of women head coaches in the history of the report!

“We have to start with the assumption that women are confident, capable coaches. They deserve the opportunity to do the thing they’re good at, and what they love and what they’re passionate about.” Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi


Tune in to our fourth episode to hear Dr. LaVoi discuss that groundbreaking research, answering the questions you want to hear. From how the media is impacting women’s sports, to the importance of fostering a supportive culture for women coaches, you’ll get a deep look at how the coaching industry needs to change—and how it is changing. It’s about time.

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Episode 5: Laken James, Five Star Academy: Creating Mental Health Role Models

Mental health is a crucial part of overall health. Athletes like Laken James know that better than most. After falling in love with basketball at a young age, James turned her dreams of playing professionally into a reality—she currently plays for the Caledonia Gladiators in East Kilbride, Scotland. Along the way, she learned how much of an impact mental training had on her performance on—and off—the court. But there weren’t a lot of resources available to help her.

That’s why she’s researching how sports can benefit young female athletes’ personal development for her PhD, and why she decided to create the Five Star Academy. Big dreams can mean big time pressure—even youth players can face stress and anxiety when it comes to achieving their goals. James is making sure they have the tools, methods and support they need. It’s about time.

Dive in to the fifth episode of About Time to hear about Laken James’ mental health journey, and why we must prioritize it for all athletes.

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Episode 6: Taylor Jacobs, Louisiana State University: Blazing the Trail for NIL

NIL, or name, image and likeness, has given athletes the ability to control their own brand. Maybe even more importantly, it’s helping break down gender stereotypes. But navigating publicity is a full time job. That’s why positions like Taylor Jacobs’ now exist—as Associate AD for NIL & Strategic Initiatives, she creates resources to guide student-athletes through the process of building, promoting and protecting their brands. A former collegiate athlete herself, she’s dedicated to giving today’s athletes the opportunities she never had.

Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, a parent, an administrator or a fan of women’s sports, this episode of About Time will give you an inside look at NIL—specifically how Jacobs and her all-female staff are leading the charge in equipping student-athletes with everything they need to succeed. And it doesn’t stop at graduation. Jacobs explains how NIL is opening more doors for future careers than ever before.

Like Jacobs said, “The platform that female athletes have, and women’s sports have, is incredible.” It’s about time.

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Episode 7: Natalie Schneider Is Helping the World See Para-Athletes as Athletes First

Not only is she a woman remaking sports, Natalie Schneider is the epitome of defying the odds and rising above whatever challenges life throws her way. As a teenager who loved playing basketball, Schneider received a devastating cancer diagnosis. But she didn’t let that end her athletic ambitions. By the time she was graduating college from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, she’d discovered wheelchair basketball—and only a year later, made the U.S. women’s national team.

After three medals, seven National Championships and two Parapan American Games, she’s the true embodiment of resilience and skill. Listen to Schneider’s incredible journey in episode seven of About Time, the podcast featuring women who are remaking sports. She talks about it all, from the impact of the para-sports community, what it’s like to be an elite athlete while also being a mother (and coach) to her daughters, and what retirement means to her.

If there’s one thing you’ll walk away with, Schneider wants it to be this: “Para-athletes are just as intense and athletic as able-bodied athletes. We’re training just as hard and for as many hours. We want to be seen as athletes first.” It’s about time.



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Episode 8: Simone Jackson, University of Southern California: Creating a New Image of the Modern Student-Athlete

How would we describe professional athlete, activist and student Simone Jackson? Multifaceted. Passionate. Empowered. Talented. Strong. Above all, a leader. We can’t choose just one word because Jackson is so much more than one thing. The USC soccer star, who played for the U.S. Youth National Team at the U20 World Cup, is an inspiring example of what student-athletes can achieve.

Grounded in family values and dedicated to making the most of her education while also making a difference in the world, Jackson’s story is a must-listen for anyone who’s looking to understand the modern student-athlete. From what gives her “fire and fuel,” to how she’s helping young girls stay in sports, you’ll hear how she’s pushed boundaries—and maybe even gain inspiration to pursue your own passions. 

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Episode 9: LaChina Robinson, Rising Media Stars: How She’s Broadcasting the Transformative Power of Mentorship

“All of those things you are wondering, there’s someone who has been there.”

LaChina Robinson

The value of having a mentor is not about getting a job. It’s not having someone who agrees with you all the time. It’s about encouragement, pushing you toward success, and learning from those who have been there. Like LaChina Robinson, founder of Rising Media Stars, a mentorship organization that provides resources to women of color who are interested in sports media. 

As a college basketball phenom turned women’s basketball broadcaster, LaChina finds time to be a mentor to her organization’s up and coming sports media stars because she believes in the transforming power of mentorship—especially for young women. In episode nine of About Time, you’ll hear LaChina’s journey first hand, and her best advice for both mentors and mentees. 

You might even walk away thinking of her as your own mentor. Because as LaChina explains, having a mentor you never meet is possible in today’s digital world. Mentors are everywhere—in podcasts like this one, on TV or in books. And the more the better. “We need to see black women in more places in our world in general, to see them as leaders, as capable, as knowledgeable,” said Robinson. It’s about time.

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Who will our guests be?

Each guest is a successful woman in sports who has had experiences and a personal journey that can inspire other women and girls to find their own path. With each episode, you’ll learn more about the key topics that matter most in women’s sports today, and how you can help grow the game. 

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