Competition inspires us. Energy unites us. Teamwork sustains us.


Join the team that’s making a difference for women coaches now and in the future.

Vision Statement


WeCOACH is the premier membership organization dedicated to the recruitment, advancement, and retention of women coaches of all sports and levels.



We lead, advocate and inspire with integrity and resiliency.

Community & Inclusion

We foster and cultivate a diverse and inclusive community where the voice of women coaches is stronger together.


We educate, support and develop women coaches.


WeCOACH exists because we believe…

  • Through on-going educational programs, workshops, forums and learning platforms, we can be an important and trusted voice, resource and community for women coaches regardless of sport, division, or level.
  • We can provide relevant insights and connections to enhance and enrich the personal and professional lives of women coaches.
  • Despite record numbers of female sport participants at all levels of competition, the number of women college coaches has declined from 90+% in 1972 to a near all-time low today, and the trends and numbers at the youth and high school levels are similar or worse. Our valuable work can help reverse that decline to support, retain and grow the number of women in the coaching profession.
  • Sport-specific associations promote only their own sport, where as WeCOACH educates, advocates for, inspires, supports and promotes professional women coaches in every sport and at every level. Both provide value.
  • That a national network and community of women coaches not only serves the individual, but will make it possible for other women to follow in their footsteps. “If I can see her, I can be her!” We are stronger together as women leaders in sport.

And we know that…

  • The current climate of intercollegiate athletics means that women coaches need education, resources, and a community of like-minded coaches and allies who support their efforts to get and stay in the game.
  • A dearth of female role models in visible leadership positions lends itself to the failure of girls and women to realize their sport career aspirations and potential. Evidence suggests females are more likely to pursue careers in coaching when they were coached by a female. We as women coaches and leaders in sport are influential and can be positive role models.
  • That it is necessary to reduce or minimize the barriers many women face in pursuing, advancing and maintaining a career in coaching.
  • That diversity in the workplace is essential and women should have equal opportunity to coach both females and males at every level of competition.