The mission of WeCOACH is to MOVE the NUMBERS
of women in coaching, in all sports & all levels.


Prior to Title IX in 1972, over 90% of women’s collegiate sports teams were coached by women.


Over 50 years later, for all three NCAA divisions, that number has decreased to 41% women head coaches of women’s teams. This means only 4 out of 10 NCAA women’s teams are coached by women. And women head coaches lead only 24% of the 20,255 total NCAA men’s & women’s teams.  


Only 6% women head coaches lead NCAA men’s teams. Out of 9,291 total NCAA men’s teams head coaching opportunities, only 574 are led by women.  


Women of Color head coaches lead 7% of NCAA women’s teams and only 1% of NCAA men’s teams. Out of 20,255 total head coaching opportunities for NCAA men’s & women’s teams, only 890 are led by Women of Color.  


At the youth level, only 26% of youth sports head coaches were women in 2022, up slightly from 24% in 2019.

How can you help us make a difference?

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WeCOACH is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit membership organization dedicated to recruiting, advancing, and retaining women coaches in all sports and levels through year-round professional growth & leadership development programs.  Our programs focus on offering strategies to navigate the challenges and obstacles women face to stay in, feel supported, and advance in the coaching profession. You’ll gain unmatched empowerment, depth, and richness by integrating & engaging with coaches from all sports & levels.



Our young boys, girls, men and women athletes need positive coaching, strong female role models, and real-life examples of successful women in dynamic careers.

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Together, we will MOVE the NUMBERS to support & increase women in coaching!