Cleveland Regional Workshop

These one-day professional growth & leadership development regional workshops are open to current & aspiring women coaches in all sports and levels (youth, club, middle/high school, two-year & four-year college, etc.).

  • Wednesday, April 3
  • Time:8am-4pm ET
  • Location: Cleveland Metropolitan Conference Center
  • Networking Happy Hour: 4pm- 5:15pm ET

March 5, 2024 – WeCOACH is excited to announce a section-wide partnership with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Southern Section. The partnership will impact current and new women coaches by providing complimentary membership to women tennis coaches who live in USTA Southern, which includes the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. With over 167,000 members, the USTA Southern represents more than 26 percent of the USTA membership.

February 7, 2024 – On National Girls & Women in Sports Day, WeCOACH is proud to announce five recipients of the 2023-24 Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Jostens. The prestigious WeCOACH Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to women in sports who succeed at the highest levels in their respective careers, while also displaying an unwavering commitment, pioneering spirit, and trailblazing leadership to empower and pave the way for girls and women in all sports and levels to breakthrough for many generations to come.

Coinciding with the historic celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX,  Winning Ways of Women Coaches  was released in 2022 from Human Kinetics. In it, a veritable who’s who of women coaches—representing 15 different sports and earning more than 50 national championships and dozens of world and Olympic titles—provide the acumen and inspiration for women to succeed in the coaching profession.

All proceeds benefit WeCOACH. Learn more and buy the book today at the link below.

Why more women coaches are needed:


Prior to Title IX in 1972, over 90% of women’s collegiate sports teams were coached by women.


Over 50 years later, for all three NCAA divisions, that number has decreased to 41% women head coaches of women’s teams. This means only 4 out of 10 NCAA women’s teams are coached by women. And women head coaches lead only 24% of the 20,255 total NCAA men’s & women’s teams.  


Only 6% women head coaches lead NCAA men’s teams. Out of 9,291 total NCAA men’s teams head coaching opportunities, only 574 are led by women.  


Women of Color head coaches lead 7% of NCAA women’s teams and only 1% of NCAA men’s teams. Out of 20,255 total head coaching opportunities for NCAA men’s & women’s teams, only 890 are led by Women of Color.  


At the youth level, only 26% of youth sports head coaches were women in 2022, up slightly from 24% in 2019.

How can you help us make a difference?

Join the WeCOACH Community


Alone, your voice may not be heard, but when we join our voices together, we can create change. Because of WeCOACH, women coaches everywhere are louder, stronger, braver and more respected. We are fearless supporters and promoters for our profession. By empowering women to be more aware of the realities of our profession, we are expanding career opportunities for women at all levels and in all sports.

We provide a safe haven where you can speak your mind and develop your skills. Our professional growth opportunities can help you unlock more of your leadership potential. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit.



Is your goal to achieve a winning record? We can help. Hoping to inspire a promising young athlete to pursue a career in coaching? Done. Want to help elevate the role of women coaches at a national level? We’re on it.

Being a woman and a professional coach isn’t always easy. Yet female athletes are in desperate need of positive coaching, strong female role models and real-life examples of successful women in dynamic careers.

We need YOU! What you do MATTERS!