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Coinciding with the historic celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX, is the release of Winning Ways of Women Coaches, a new book from Human Kinetics. In it, a veritable who’s who of women coaches—representing 15 different sports and earning more than 50 national championships and dozens of world and Olympic titles—provide the acumen and inspiration for women to succeed in the coaching profession.

All proceeds benefit WeCOACH. Learn more and buy the book today at the link below.

2020 Telly Award Winning Video: It’s Our Turn

Why more women coaches are needed:



Female head coaches comprise 42% of head coaches of women’s collegiate teams at NCAA Division I institutions. (That means approximately 6 out of 10 women’s teams are coached by men!)




In research released by the Aspen Institute Project Play only 24% of youth sports coaches were women in 2019, down from 28% five years earlier. 



Women of color make up only 16% of Division I head coaches of collegiate women’s teams.



Head coaches of women’s collegiate teams: A comprehensive report on NCAA Division-I institutions, 2019-20



Aspen Institute Project Play (2020). State of Play 2020 Annual Report on Trends in Youth Sports.


Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport (2021 Women in College Coaching Report Card)


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Alone, your voice may not be heard, but when we join our voices together, we can create change. Because of WeCOACH, women coaches everywhere are louder, stronger, braver and more respected. We are fearless supporters and promoters for our profession. By empowering women to be more aware of the realities of our profession, we are expanding career opportunities for women at all levels and in all sports.

We provide a safe haven where you can speak your mind and develop your skills. Our professional growth opportunities can help you unlock more of your leadership potential. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit.



Is your goal to achieve a winning record? We can help. Hoping to inspire a promising young athlete to pursue a career in coaching? Done. Want to help elevate the role of women coaches at a national level? We’re on it.

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