NCAA Divisions II and III
Women Coaches Development Program

Spring 2023 90-minute Development Session

Creating B.R.A.V.E. Spaces of Belonging
Presented by Anya Covington, Founder and CEO, Human2Human


Tuesday, April 11:  3:30 – 5pm ET 

Friday, April 14:  Noon – 1:30pm ET

Monday, April 24:  2pm – 3:30pm ET

Registration Closed

90-Minute Development Program Session Description:
By taking simple measures to reinforce and reimagine culture that will be Bold (present), Ready (emotionally aware), Accessible (active listening & understanding for all), Vulnerable (valuing one’s identity and story) and reaching our ultimate goal of Equity (inclusive spaces of belonging) is the most needed empowerment for our time. With interactive and tangible takeaways, we will establish humanized methods of inclusivity. Because diversity is already present, visible diversity can be unsiloed, spaces are moldable, cultures are imitated and one changed perspective is the catalyst towards equity. 

As a speaker, advocate, coach, minister, teammate, mentor, friend, and
believer, Anya is focused on rethinking the advancement of humanity through the lens of Love. In human2human, LLC’s first two years, Anya and the Power Players of human2human LLC have created over 130+ trainings while serving 9+ universities, 4+ high/middle schools, 12+ businesses and 3 church-related entities. Anya has committed her life to the process of healing, both internally and externally. After 15+ years of coaching and playing at the professional and collegiate ranks, Anya is a mentor of mentors, leader of leaders and trainer for all. She works to bring competent and tailored strategy to better practices of leadership, and unifies humanity through providing simple, yet critical, principles for whole living. For once the soul is healed, so is the whole.

Who’s Eligible?

Any Division II or III conference that has registered its member schools for the Development Program and paid the enrollment fee.
Any Division II or III women coaches with a WeCOACH membership, including institutional and conference group members.


The data demonstrates investment in NCAA Division II & III women coaches is necessary to support their advancement and retention in the coaching profession. WeCOACH has established a new year-round
professional growth and leadership Development Program dedicated to Division II & III women coaches across all sports that offers strategies to address the challenges and obstacles women face to stay in, feel supported, and advance in the coaching profession. We will also partner to actively build the pipeline of aspiring Division II & III women coaches.




  • 3 x 90-minute development virtual sessions (Fall 2022, Winter 2023, Spring 2023) – Fall Development Session to be scheduled for late October/early November
  • Access to WeCOACH Mentoring Program
  • Access to WeAMPLIFY Program (women coaches of color)
  • Access to year-round virtual video chats with the WeCOACH community to build and sustain networking relationships across the coaching profession
  • December 16 BreakThrough Summit – Registration opens in September
  • 1 x 60-minute “Catch a Vision” session for female student-athletes aspiring to pursue a career in coaching
Participating Conferences

Sources: Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport & 2022 NCAA The State of Women in College Sports