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Are you an assistant coach with aspirations to lead as a head coach?  WeELEVATE is designed to enhance your path toward realizing that ambition!  Intended to further our mission to advance and retain women coaches in every level of sport, WeELEVATE virtual workshops focus on best practices assistant coaches can implement in their current roles to intentionally prepare for a successful transition to a head coach.


WeELEVATE Program Highlights:

  • Your Path to ELEVATE Starts Now: Gain a deeper understanding of the demands placed on head coaches, fill knowledge gaps, and learn strategies for assuming increased leadership roles as an assistant coach that will pave your unique path to head coaching.
  • Peer Insights & Mentorship: WeELEVATE workshops feature veteran and first-time head coaches who share their guidance, wisdom, and learning moments to support your journey. Peer coaches will empower you with the confidence, skills, and readiness to step into the head coach position you’ve been working toward.
  • First WIN – The Interview: Gain valuable insights from athletics directors, hiring managers, and search firm representatives to secure your first WIN, Winning The Interview! Learn strategies for navigating the search and interview process, mastering contract negotiations, fostering positive coach-administrative relationships, and creating a comprehensive entry plan for immediate and long-term success.
  • You’ve Got Next: Join us in identifying talented women coaches ready to ELEVATE their coaching career. Our WeCOACH Community will be a source for athletics leaders to establish a diverse and well-qualified pool of head coaching candidates.
“Executive Insights: Winning the Interview” offers a unique opportunity for coaches to gain invaluable insights, strategies, and tips directly from seasoned industry executives. You will learn how to effectively communicate your unique value, showcase your skills and experience, and leave a lasting impression on interviewers. Additionally, you will have the chance to ask questions, receive personalized feedback, and network with fellow coaches and industry leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your interview skills and take your coaching career to new heights.
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