WeAMPLIFY is a connection, an action, and a promise to amplify the voices, visibility, experiences, and value of women coaches of color.


WeCOACH acknowledges the importance and value of including specific programming for women coaches of color in our WeCOACH community. WeAMPLIFY was created to drive change and conversation surrounding social and institutional barriers.


WeAMPLIFY: Relating to Today’s Student-Athlete: Effectively Coaching Gen Z

There are two options available with the same content presented on both dates!

August 23 

12:00pm- 1:00pm ET

August 28

3:00pm-4:00pm ET



Featured Facilitator:
Carolyn Sideco

Consultant & Convener, CoachingKapwa Sports Consultants LLC

Carolyn A. Sideco is an immigrant to Turtle Island, and founder of CoachingKapwa Sports Consultants LLC. People call her Coach Sideco. As a sports relationship coach, Carolyn’s  foundations are rooted in the belief that coaches who practice wellness coach people well. Her own sports identity includes a long arc of being an athlete, coach, referee, physical educator, sports administrator, parent, mentor, and engaged community member. Carolyn is an NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator, a Spiritual Life Coach, and a Nature Framework Life Coach. Her relationship with sports helps her (re)connect to self, community, and to our collective existence. Carolyn believes sports are the most fun pathways to reimagine the practice and surrendering of ourselves to the ways of racial justice, ethnic studies, decolonization, and community building. Carolyn continues to make a daily ritual of crafting and emerging identity through deepening relationships with people and energies. Now, with over 30 years of rooting lineage threads in all levels of education, Coach knows that everyone has a relationship with sports; and our collective expression bares itself on the playing fields, courts, and gyms – oftentimes to our dehumanization, and sometimes to our self-actualization. Carolyn invites people to engage with, share, and reflect on their relationships with sports to contribute to a healing, liberating, and harmonious existence with one another.Please encourage all women coaches of color in your network to attend this free event.

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