Why a Rebrand?

In 2017, the Alliance of Women Coaches conducted a marketing analysis of its brand and identified 3 prevalent issues:

  1. 19 other sport-affiliated organizations use Alliance in their name; some refer to themselves as “The Alliance”, which we often did, creating brand confusion.
  2. Previous logo had a whistle in it. Feedback we received tells us that our membership was not identifying with a whistle because not every coach uses a whistle.
  3. Alliance of Women Coaches was continuously misrepresented to Alliance of Women’s Coaches, Women’s Coaching Alliance, or Women’s Coaches Alliance.

Eleven months ago the Board and staff set out to find a new name and look that would better represent our vast community of coaches across all sports and levels.

Name and Logo

The WeCOACH name represents a strong, active, vast, and unified community representing the heartbeat of the organization – it’s members – women coaches of all sports and levels. The simple, straightforward and powerful logo showcases the strength of the organization and symbolizes “strong women” as coaches, leaders and role models.

The sharp lines subliminally form two interlocking triangles, creating a union of strength, and form a “W”, a nod to “women” and the first letter of WeCOACH. The center triangle represents the heartbeat of the organization – its membership – and creates 3 points of interconnection, representing the three pillars of the organization’s work: to recruit, to advance, and to retain women in coaching.

WeCOACH logoThe outer circle softens the design, representing an inclusive, safe community for growth and sharing, where our voices are stronger when unified. It also reminds us all to play and have fun, as it symbolizes a ball, which is at the core of many sports.

What People Are Saying

“WeCOACH is the collective voice for women in coaching, and it’s never been more vital. If girls and women are to get the experience of a female head coach; if they’re to get to see a women of competence and authority as part of their athletic career, we need WeCOACH to stand up to the sexism that limits women in athletics. The double-standards, the different performance evaluations, and the inability to address Title IX violations that affect women athletes are depressingly familiar. Only a collective voice and action can change the profession for women.”

– Nancy Hogshead-Makar, CEO of Champion Women, civil rights lawyer and activist, Olympic gold-medal swimmer

“This new name and brand better represents who we are and what we do in a very inclusive way. We are women in coaching working together.”

– Cecile Reynaud, Ph.d., President of WeCOACH Board of Directors, AVCA Hall of Fame, and member of USA Volleyball Board of Directors

“As the profession of coaching has evolved, so too has the need for organizations that develop coaches to find ways of making their own forward progress. While WeCOACH has always been the leader in educating and mentoring women in the coaching profession, their rebranding has positioned them to extend their impact and reach beyond gender and classification, and into the global coaching community at large. The future of coaches everywhere is brighter tomorrow because of the work WeCOACH is doing today.”

– Jason Belzer, Founder, AthleticDirectorU, Founder and President, Global Athlete Management Enterprises, Inc., Forbes Contributor, Rutgers Professor

“Love the new name and excited about the mission!”

– Beth Launiere, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, University of Utah

“It is so important for female athletes to see and experience female coaches in sport. WeCOACH is an important support network to assist and unify women in coaching. Their new brand has a unifying logo and theme that incorporates all the extraordinary qualities of female coaches in our profession!”

– Colleen Murphy, Head Women’s Swimming Coach, Air Force Academy

“I love the direction we are taking with the rebrand. Women are coaches and we make a difference in the lives of our athletes across all levels and sports. WeCOACH represents this and so much more that is relevant and modern about women coaches.”

– Missy Price, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Wellesley College

Marketing Firm

After the Whistle, based in Chicago, was the chosen agency to develop the rebranding for WeCOACH. After the Whistle is a full service integrated marketing firm covering media, branding, creative services and events. Co-founders Jackie Paulus, Shanae’ Paulus, and Jimmy de Castro use their eclectic mix of experience across media, production, events and sports to help people and brands elevate tell their story.

All Sports. One Voice. WeCOACH!