Power Hours


Power Hours are a fun, informal way to stay connected to your fellow coaches. You’ll find lots of opportunities to network, learn from each other and build your resource tool kit.

Here’s how: Ask one of our Coaches Council members or your Senior Woman Administrator for help, or just start your own Power Hour. Email other women coaches at your school or in your area, inviting them to meet and talk about the unique challenges of being a female coach. Share inspiration or coaching ideas, team building suggestions, and connect across sports. Set meetings monthly or quarterly!


Invite your staff and colleagues!

  • Invite other women coaches, staff and administrators in your athletics department
  • Consider including other women coaches and administrators at other colleges/universities in your community
  • Meet on-campus for breakfast or lunch or off-campus to connect outside of work hours — make it unique to your situation
  • Power Hours make a real difference: getting to know your colleagues helps you find new resources and ideas while you build up your professional network.


Want information on how to host a Power Hour?