Women Coaches Candidate Pool

Are You or Someone You Know Ready to Take the Next Step?


WeCOACH desires to recruit and retain women in coaching at all levels of sport. In an effort to advocate for and promote women candidates for positions that meet their desired career goals, WeCOACH maintains a pool of potential coaching candidates. Are you looking for your next coaching position? Is there a woman coach you would like to refer as a potential candidate for open positions?


Please submit your information below and the coaching candidate you are referring, whether yourself or someone else. By clicking “Submit”, you are authorizing WeCOACH to provide your contact information and the referred coaching candidate’s name to trusted partners which solicit referrals from WeCOACH. Trusted partners may include, but are not limited to, athletic directors, search committees, search firms and other institution or organization leadership.


All submissions will automatically be removed from the candidate pool twice annually on April 30 and September 30 unless removal is requested beforehand. To remove a submission, please send a request for removal to info@wecoachsports.org. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details on how your information and the referred coaching candidate’s information are used.

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