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Individual Memberships

Coach-1 = $99
Collegiate, Professional, Olympic or National Team Staff
Head Coach, Associate Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Director of Operations, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Training, Video Coordinator

Coach-2 = $59
High School, Club, Youth, Grad Assistant or Student

Coach of High School, Club/AAU, or Youth Team, Graduate Assistant, or Student
If you are a collegiate head, associate or assistant coach who also coaches club, high school, or youth level, please register for the $99 membership level.

Ally = $79
Retired Coach, Administrator or Ally

Retired Coach, Athletic Administrator or anyone who seeks to honor and support women coaches

Group Memberships For
Schools & Organizations

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Group-06 = $500
Up to 6 Members

Group-10 = $800
Up to 10 Members

Group-15 = $1100
Up to 15 Members

Group-Unlimited = $1200
More than 15 members

Membership Gifts

Pay it forward by purchasing a membership for friends or colleagues. Upon purchase of the gift membership(s), you will receive an automated email with instructions for inviting the intended recipient(s) to register and activate the membership.

Gift membership levels:

$99 = Coach-1: Collegiate, Professional, Olympic or National Team Staff

$59 = Coach-2: High School, Club, Youth Coach, Graduate Assistant or Student

$79 = Ally: Administrator, Retired Coach or Ally